Friendly driver. Best travel partner!

Hello! I’m Koji Shimazaki.Thank you for checking my page.
I work at a taxi company. I have a National License to introduce Japan for international tourists.
Are you a beginner of Kyoto? Do you want to make your family or partner happy? Do you like to enjoy trip without any stress?
If so, My taxi can be a nice choice! I’m happy to help you!
Please feel free to contact me.
I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Please check “Kyoto Visitors Host” HP, and write “Taxi” for keyword.You can check my reviews.

Advantages of my taxi.

①Always Comfortable!

You don’t need to get such crowed bus, and you can avoid to wait for a long line like this!
Kyoto is surrounded by mountains, so it’s warm and humid in summer, cold in winter.
Why don’t you enjoy with relaxing taxi?

②Efficiently and Flexible!

Kyoto has more than 10 World Heritage Sites.And many other attractive spots.Making nice plan is quite difficult for tourists even for Japanese.
I’m happy to help making a best plan for you!
Of cause, the plan can be changed depends on your feeling then.
No problem! I’m flexible.
Please concentrate on enjoying your precious time!

③Guiding service.

I introduce how to enjoy each Temples and Shrines.
I’ll tell you simple introduction of each site, and nice photo spot!
And we have some other options. Such as hidden spots, cultural activities, unique food, and so on.
I’ll advice you how to enjoy even the rest of your trip in Kyoto, after my tour.
Let’s enjoy this historical city deeply!

④TOYOTA Prius(alpha). Wagon-type.

Hybrid car. Very quietly and comfortable.
We can accommodate 4 passengers including baby.
We have enough space for your big luggage’s.
Credit card is available. (VISA, master, AMEX, Diners)
And, We have van(5〜9 people). The price is 6,600JPY for 1hour.

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