1day plan 41,600yen (8hours) 1〜4 people


  • Nijo-castle
    (Gorgeous palace)

  • Kinkakuji-temple
    (Golden pavilion)

  • Ginkakuji-temple
    (Silver pavilion)

  • Cultural activity

  • Sanjujsangendou-temple
    (1000 Kannon statues)

Half day Plan 20,800yen (4hours) 1〜4 people

Example (East area)

  • Fushimiinari-shrine
    (1000 Torii-gates)

  • Sanjusangendo-temple
    (1000 Kannon stastues)

  • Ninenzaka
    (Souvenir shops)

  • Kiyomizu-temple
    (Temple on the hill)

  • Nishiki-market
    (Food street)

Example (West area)

  • Tenryuji-temple
    (Arashiyama area)

  • Bamboo forest
    (Arashiyama area)

  • Ryoanji-temple
    (Rock garden)

  • Kinkakuji-temple
    (Golden pavilion)

These are just samples. We will make your own plan.

※Extension charge is 2,600yen(30min). Please feel free to ask me.
※Admission fee, parking fee, lunch expense are not included.

Van is available (5〜9 people)

Please send reservation form to me. We only have limited number of van. Price is 6,720JPY 1hour.

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